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In the early 1970’s, approached by a prestigious company in Belgium, we embarked upon a new venture.

It was the manufacture of a very distinctive comb.

This professional comb, had to be, in every way, faultless.

A distinctive design, manufactured using only the best raw materials and finishes, this dog comb became a world renowned success, and is still considered to be one of the best quality combs produced in the grooming market.

From supplying this very individual range, a whole new destiny was created for us. 

Pet Combs

For almost forty years now, we have been manufacturing and supplying renowned distributors in the pet comb industry throughout the World with the best quality metal-backed and moulded combs.

All our combs are Made in England, manufactured on site.

Entirely committed to quality, and with the enviable knowledge of drilling & pinning technology, we are confident that our Professional Grooming Combs are some of the finest on the market.

Creating the highest quality comb is not a simple task.

There are often more than 18 separate processes in the birth of a single new comb.

To ensure that every comb is capable of longevity in its’ purpose, and performs precisely as it should, each one is meticulously hand inspected for straight lines, teeth stability, and uninterrupted spacing

This painstaking process ascertains a comb which has straight, uniform teeth that will not bend or pull out, and, for the safety of the pet, every comb features consistent spacing and categorically no irregular lengths.

Whether large or small, fine or coarse, bejewelled or simple, we produce every comb to the same standard as we learned many decades ago and any comb which does not pass our stringent Quality Inspection is rejected.

We acquire only the best quality base materials, and our close partnership with a long-established British pin manufacturer ensures that the teeth in all our combs are straight, rounded to a precise tolerance, have the correct rigidity (For durability) and most importantly, consistent lengths.

With diligence and skill, we manufacture many types of comb, in a variety of shapes and sizes.

We can manufacture any length of drilled combs with flat, round, square and hexagonal backs, can produce many teeth lengths or combinations, and a variety of finishes.

Please take a moment to browse our comb ranges, including exclusive bejewelled showpieces, and decide for yourself if you think YOUR pet is worth it......

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